Hello, my name is

Ben Silverman.

I’m a second-year Computer Science student currently at the University of York with a keen interest in web design and development.

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01. About Me

Hi! I'm Ben, a second year Computer Science student at the University of York. I built this website to showcase the work I've been doing recently and demonstrate my skills in web development.

Outside of my studies, I usually spend my time programming, working at Rewind Gaming, or playing in the University Jazz and Concert bands.

My skills include:

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Python
  • HTML & S(CSS)
  • Bootstrap
  • Photoshop
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02. My Experience

Press & Public Relations Officer @ CyberSoc

  • Assist CyberSoc President in liasing with external stakeholders.
  • Write and disseminate communications to CyberSoc members and the wider student body.

Founder & Director of Operations @ Rewind Gaming

  • Negotiate partnerships and sponsorship with other companies.
  • Devise and run Rewind Gaming's social media campaigns.
  • Manage a team of 30+ volunteer staff
  • Coordinated weekly events.
  • Lead Graphic Designer, responsible for entire Rewind Gaming branding.

NCSC Cyberfirst Advanced Course

Week-long residential course run by CyberFirst, a branch of GCHQ. Introduced to penetration testing, learning how to take over remote systems using Kali Linux and Metasploit and exploit common web vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and XSS. Gained experience using digital forensics tools such as Wireshark to analyse web traffic. Culminated in a 12-hour CTF-style event, gathering data using the techniques and concepts I learned.

Front-end Web Development Intern @ MintTwist

  • Developed website landing pages for clients.
  • Managed Git repositories for site data.
  • Error-checked and resolved bugs in pre-existing code.
  • Translated design concepts into HTML & CSS.

03. Stuff I've Made

Boostnote to Markdown Exporter

A neat Python script to parse the information in Boostnote’s .cson files and output all the notes into a sensible folder structure for use in other programs.

  • Python
Wiki Card Viewer

A web app using ReactJS that allows users to search for a term on Wikipedia and have the results returned to them as a set of aesthetic cards.

  • React
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS

This website!

I built this site completely from scratch. No Bootstrap. No templates. I'm always looking to learn new things, and building my own portfolio site from the ground up seemed like the perfect opportunity to test my knowledge of responsive design and improve my web development skills in general.

04. Rewind Gaming

In 2016 I founded Rewind Gaming, a European esports organisation, with one of my friends and currently work there as Director of Operations. My responsiblities include negotiating partnerships with companies, as well as organising events and I've developed valuable skills in business and relationship management as a result of working with a broad range of other organisations in the competitive gaming industry.

Rewind Gaming consists of around 40 volunteer staff working in a variety of areas from graphic design to commentating. I'm proud to have worked with Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League, on two separate events which were both a huge success.

Ben was a great partner and has an intuitive sense for client side relations. He was receptive to feedback, effective in his communication and strategy, and displayed agile management skills. The promotional esorts for 'The Colosseum' made by Rewind with him at the helm set quite a high bar for tournaments to come. I look forward to working with him again!

Schuyler Winter Jr., Esports Program Specialist at Psyonix Inc.

Thumbnail for The Colosseum tournament.
Thumbnail for the Neon Dream tournament.

05. Contact Me

I’m currently a full-time student but am always on the lookout for new opportunities. If you would like to work with me, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! You can also contact me on social media, too, if you’d prefer.

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